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The New Bulldog Watch Just Launched!

spread the wordBULLDOG WATCH is the new NO-NONSENSE South African Consumer Watchdog offering FREE LEGAL ADVICE & SERVICES to our members in its ZERO TOLERANCE fight against bad business practice and consumer exploitation.

BULLDOG WATCH was originally established in 2007 by legal guru Michael Coetzee who pledged his own time, knowledge and resources to make a REAL DIFFERENCE in South Africa with regards to exposing and eradicating the day-to-day problems consumers face within the market. Michael has over many years of work within in the legal field, successfully assisted his own clients with the exact same issues this site will now help the general public overcome and fight.

Lousy service, second grade merchandise, underweight products or misleading advertising seems to have become the rule rather than the exception in South Africa. These topics are of the many that will be exposed and discussed by our site members, and then further investigated and/or monitored by us. Click here to read more

Know Your Rights!

Consumer Protection ActDid you know the Consumer Protection Act was put in place to help protect your rights? Learn more about the your rights TODAY!

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Need Legal Advice?

We will fight for our membersHave your Consumer Rights been violated?  Don't be a victim!
Contact us for 100% FREE Legal Advice and Assistance.

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FREE Business Listings!

tagprojectDoes your business offer quality products and great service?
Would you like to be listed in our Business Directory?

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