Unlike most consumer watchdogs, BULLDOG WATCH is not only here to fight for the rights and give advice to the consumer. We encourage ethical values, high standards in service and product delivery and overall good business practice. By doing so we believe we need to support businesses that adhere to these guidelines as well as comply with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and follow the correct procedures by doing the right thing in the event that a complaint is received or issue is brought to light.

We provide all our members as well as business owners, product- and service providers with the information and advice needed on good business practice and how to handle consumer complaints and issues through this website.

At BULLDOG WATCH we believe that by encouraging and supporting good business practice through guidance instead of force, we are able to achieve more than simply just having to continually fight against the same problem time and time again without ever really solving the problem. Also by educating our members on the same, they in turn will be able to make informed decisions and rather support businesses that adhere to and commit themselves to such a code of ethics and good business practice, instead of those who do not. This will then work in favour of both parties, encouraging and resulting in compliance rather than resistance.

BULLDOG WATCH was created in equal favour of the consumer and business, product- and/or service provider and in doing so we commit ourselves to fight for the rights of all and the betterment of the consumer market.

Positive and long-term change can only be achieved through willing commitment and participation by all parties involved and not through force and threat. This is why we at BULLDOG WATCH encourage consumers to only select and support businesses, product- and/or service providers who adhere to such guidelines including compliance with the CPA and visibly commit themselves to good business practice.

Consumers will then be able to shift the power back into their hands by sending a message of ZERO TOLERANCE and bring back a demand for quality products and services which will then allow the world around us to change for the better.


Bringing People Together

BULLDOG WATCH does not have a one-sided approach to Consumer vs. Business complaints and issues. We encourage communication between consumers and businesses. We always ensure that we have both sides to a complaint before acting and aim to bring consumers and businesses together to find positive ways to deal with the issues currently being faced between such parties. We do not threaten businesses or business owners after a complaint is received, nor will we take unnecessary legal action if just cause for such cannot be established.

BULLDOG WATCH will not wrongfully sling accusations, knowingly publish false information, waste our time with petty nonsense and vengeful acts, nor harm the reputation of any business who is accused of wrongdoing without first contacting that business, product- and/or service provider for a response on any given complaint. We also do not condone such behaviour by any of our members. If any member is found guilty of this, they themselves might find themselves in hot water with the law and we will in turn advise or assist the business to act in its full right against the offending member in the event of damages to the wrongfully accused party’s reputation and/or for loss of business or income.


We at BULLDOG WATCH are aware and remind our members that things can sometimes go wrong unexpectedly in any business and that it is not always intentional, malicious or illegal on the part of the business owner, product- or service provider. In most cases businesses and providers of products and services are unaware of a problem, due either to the consumer not informing them of a problem before coming to us or due to circumstances beyond their control.

Often it is found that the accused party is a first time offender due to either lack of knowledge about the CPA and its requirements, the business itself being a victim of wrongdoing by a 3rd party or even an employee which results in an offence, or simply by unintentionally and unknowingly having committed such an offence. These offenders are in most cases willing to correct the offense through refunds, apologies and/or settlements depending on the severity of the issue.

In rare cases where the matter cannot be resolved between the two parties and/or the offender is unwilling to correct a matter of concern, compensate the consumer through a refund or apology, or is found to commit the same offence time and time again BULLDOG WATCH will provide legal advice and services FREE OF CHARGE, to act in full force and fight for the rights of the complainant/s against such businesses, product- and/or service providers. The full cost of such legal action and procedures will then be for the account of the offending party if found guilty.



On the other hand BULLDOG WATCH does receive many complaints and encounter businesses, product and/or service providers who are continuous offenders and who knowingly participate in unethical practices, go against the CPA and/or refuse to correct or compensate a complainant on a reported matter after having received the complaint from the consumer or multiple consumers.

In such cases we will provide legal advice and services FREE OF CHARGE, to act in full force and fight for the rights of the complainant/s against such businesses, product- and/or service providers. The full cost of such legal action and procedures will then be for the account of the offending party if found guilty.

In some cases where an offender is found in gross violation of the CPA or major ethical misconduct, or in the case where we receive multiple complaints against the same business we will immediately act on behalf of these consumers. These complaints with all facts relating to these cases may then also be added to our website for public view in order to protect other consumers from being victims of the same.