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What is Bulldog Watch?

Know your rightsBULLDOG WATCH is the new NO-NONSENSE South African Consumer Watchdog offering FREE LEGAL ADVICE & SERVICES to our members in its ZERO TOLERANCE fight against bad business practice and consumer exploitation.

BULLDOG WATCH was originally established in 2007 by legal guru Michael Coetzee who pledged his own time, knowledge and resources to make a REAL DIFFERENCE in South Africa with regards to exposing and eradicating the day-to-day problems consumers face within the market. Michael has over many years of work within in the legal field, successfully assisted his own clients with the exact same issues this site will now help the general public overcome and fight.

Lousy service, second grade merchandise, underweight products or misleading advertising seems to have become the rule rather than the exception in South Africa. These topics are of the many that will be exposed and discussed by our site members, and then further investigated and/or monitored by us.

BULLDOG WATCH is a forum for the South African public to come together to achieve a common goal – COMPLETE CONSUMER PROTECTION & SUPPORT OF GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE.

Through this site we provide an easily accessible portal to much needed consumer protection information. This allows the public to become vigilant and empowers them with knowledge as well as legal backing and support. It is important to remember that through educating the public and by sharing information ... we are able to help each other.

BULLDOG WATCH offers our members freedom to expose bad business practice and consumer exploitation knowing that they have legal backing to not only bring such issues to light, but also to bring the offenders to book.

The hard pressed South African consumer will now finally get the assistance that will make sure justice will prevail and allow true change in business practice to be achieved to create a better South Africa for all.