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Consumer Complaints & Issues

BULLDOG WATCH deals with a vast amount of complaints against businesses, product- and service providers within the below mentioned industries. If you have also been a victim of such through unethical business practice or non-compliance with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) you are now able to act against them and fight for your rights.

We invite you to come forward with your complaint in order for us expose these wrong doings and also protect others from having to experience the same.

Some of the industries within which we assist our clients are:

  • Advertising & Marketing;
  • Victory Over All OffendersAutomotive Industry;
  • Financial Services;
  • Food Products & Services;
  • Hospitality Industry;
  • Insurance Products & Services;
  • Health & Medical Industry;
  • Online Services & Products;
  • Property Sales & Rental Matters;
  • Public Services Sector;
  • Retail Industry;
  • Service Industry;
  • as well as many other issues and complaints.