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Free Legal Services & Advice to Consumers

We will fight for our membersLegal action is always the last resort to consumer complaints, but through BULLDOG WATCH our members now have access to FREE LEGAL ADVICE & SERVICES to ensure that businesses, product- and/or service providers who victimise consumers though unethical business practices or non-compliance to the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) is brought to justice for their actions.

At BULLDOG WATCH we believe in the following method of obtaining the best result in the event of a Consumer Complaint:


(Through information provided on this website)

  • Educating the public about their rights as consumers to help them make informed decisions before a transaction is even made and/or in the event of a complaint and dispute.
  • Educating businesses and providers of products and services on their responsibilities and the requirements of the law in their day-to-day business practice and/or in the event of a complaint or dispute.


  • In the event where a member is unable to satisfactorily resolve an issue on their own the BULLDOG WATCH TEAM will step in to provide our members/clients with FREE LEGAL ADVICE & ASSISTANCE.
  • We assist all our members by acting firstly to investigate the matter, then to act as mediators in order to try and resolve any issues with an offender in the event that the dispute cannot be resolved by the member him/herself.
  • Further legal action will only be provided if a complaint is found to be valid and the offender is found to have gone against the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) without a positive resolution being achieved between the consumer and offending party. In such an event legal costs will be for the account of the offending party.
  • Please note that legal action will only be taken when it is absolutely neccesary, and will always be at the discretion of BULLDOG WATCH.
  • No member, advertiser or sponsor of BULLDOG WATCH is free of obligation to abide by the laws of South Africa and membership does not absolve you of any responsibilities, with regards to wrongful and illegal acts or violations. BULLDOG WATCH reserves full right to act against any of our members, advertisers and sponsors in the event that they are found in violation.