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Bulldog Watch 'Tag Project'

tagprojectBULLDOG WATCH is a Consumer Watchdog with a difference. Our aim is not in only trying to correct problems within the consumer market and assist consumers after such problems occur, but instead we believe that real and positive change within the market starts within the heart of businesses, product and/or service providers.

By instilling a sense of pride as well as positive change at the core of businesses, we are able to eradicate and combat many of the problems and issues within the market before they even occur. By bringing businesses and consumers together we can help create a better South Africa for everyone. Our aim with the BULLDOG WATCH 'TAG PROJECT' is to inspire businesses, service and/or product providers to sign up and pledge themselves willingly to the Bulldog Watch Code of Ethics & Good Business Practice.

Please note that your pledge to this project is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. By pledging yourself and your business to the Bulldog Watch Tag Project you will:

  • Receive a FREE BULLDOG WATCH PLEDGE CERTIFICATE which can be framed and/or placed in your place of business for your clients to visibly see your pledge to the project, and your promise to provide them with the best possible products and service.
  • Receive FREE WEB BANNERS & GRAPHICS in various sizes and styles which can be used on your website to make your pledge visible to online other potential clients too.
  • Receive a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to the BULLDOG WATCH BUSINESS E-NEWSLETTER packed with helpful information and resources as well as information on workshops and business seminars.

Our vision by doing this to educate businesses on their duties as per the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) as well as advise on business principles and ethics, service delivery, customer care and product standards, to ensure that they offer the best possible services and products to the consumers who support them right from the start.

Through this unique project BULLDOG WATCH will also provide businesses with a dedicated support network, materials and information on business practice, service delivery, employee and client relations, customer service and other important matters from reputable leaders, business people and trainers in the various fields of business through regular emails. We will also bring like minded businesses together to form a community of business owners who work together to bring change within the market to benefit not only the consumer, but also such businesses who commit themselves to this change.

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